‘Dependable’ 16″x20″ oil on canvas

For many of us the sight of a small aluminum boat with an outboard motor may spark the memory of the first time taking the helm of a watercraft. Or perhaps it was a time spent fishing in a secluded bay at the break of dawn, or maybe taking a run across the lake to pick up some supplies and fill a gas tank at the marina.  These small vessels allowed us to explore parts of our waterways that we just couldn’t get to with the larger boats. They rarely got washed, were usually abused and dented, and typically had a small leak that kept your feet wet. Generally starting on the first or second pull, these little guys often became the heroes when having to rescue a big broken down runabout in the middle of the lake. 

I vividly remember the first time I was allowed to take my uncle’s fourteen footer out on my own. What a thrill it was, so much faster than the canoe… but OH! OH! …he never showed me how to dock it! 

I was deeply touched by the gratitude and emotion displayed by the Marshals when I presented this painting to the them at their home on Gull River.