NOAPS Fall on-line International Exhibition

I am happy and honoured to just find out that my painting ‘Fish Candy’ has been accepted into the National Oil and Acrylic Society’s International Fall Online Exhibition. Out of almost 1200 entries from around the globe 150 artists were selected. Glad to be included with all these great artists. Check out the art at

‘Fish Candy‘ 20” x 30” Oil on Canvas

‘Keep the Change’

During our busy and hectic schedules, It can be a real treat to take the time and just sit down at your local restaurant or cafe to relax with a cup of coffee. It is even more enjoyable when you are greeted with a genuine and welcoming smile, or perhaps even a little conversation. Pleasant morning encounters such as this, just help to get the day off to a good start. When someone puts in that extra effort to spread a little joy and happiness into my day, I just have to say, “Keep the Change.”

This painting is currently on display at the Art Gallery of Burlington in the Small is Beautiful Exhibition.

‘Keep the Change’ 12″x 12″ oil on panel

NOAPS ‘Best Technique and Handling’ Award

I was honoured to be accepted into the National Oil and Acrylic Painters’ Society 2019 Best of America Show hosted by Montgomery Lee Fine Art in Park City Utah. 125 artists were accepted into the show. I was even more honoured and delighted to later find out that my painting ‘Red Pipe Wrench’ was awarded ‘Best Technique and Handling’ 
Congratulations to all the other accepted artists and award winners. Check out all the great art at

‘Fish Candy’

Fish Candy 20″ x 30″ oil on canvas

When I was young I would spend hours looking through the ‘Le Baron’ catalogue that I picked up at the Sportsman Show. I would study all the fishing lures and tackle trying to decide what belonged in my collection. When I got to visit a store where fishing gear was sold I would be in awe. All the racks of colourful lures and equipment would be on display like sparkling jewelry. After selecting what ever I could afford at the time, I would go home and organize my tackle box, while at the same time anticipating and dreaming of the next trip out on the water. When I finally got out there, usually at the crack of dawn, it was time to select the right lure and cast it across the still water in hopes that that bass lurking under the surface would see it as ‘Fish Candy’ and go for it.

‘On the Rocks’

“On the Rocks” 16″x16″ oil on canvas

A little painting of freshly poured fine Rye. Whiskey connoisseurs don’t fret. The droplets on the table are melted shards of ice… not spilled 18 year old Wisers.

“On the Rocks” 16″x16″ oil on canvas

NOAPS Merit Award

I am very pleased and honoured to have received an award from the National Oil and Acrylic Painters’ Society for my painting, ‘The Last Glass’. Congratulations to all the other artists who were recognized and chosen to participate in the NOAPS Spring Online International Exhibition. 
Visit and check out all the amazing art.

Primary Focus: Colour

A Fireside Lounge BFAA Members Exhibition

Wednesday May 1 to Tuesday 28, 2019 Art Gallery of Burlington

Hanging with the Ladies

I had a good time helping these ladies hang all these great paintings on Wednesday. They went fairly easy on me (‘the new guy’). I think it’s because I could reach pretty high.