Red Pipe Wrench

My grandfather was able to fix almost anything. Sitting down usually, and smoking his pipe, he would calmly tinker at his repair projects in the driveway or at the kitchen table. When he needed a tool or a part he would provide me with pin point directions and send me off to his garage to […]

Sandoku and Limes

When you slice open a lime there is usually something good that is going to follow. It could be a garnish to enhance a cocktail or a cool drink, an ingredient for a marinade, or a great addition to a salad or vegetable dish. Limes smell good, taste good and look great. Just a ‘happy […]

California Corks

A few years ago my wife Mary and I along with six great friends, enjoyed a fantastic trip to wine country in California. I collected many corks from some of the wines we enjoyed and the different wineries that we we visited. I decided to put them in a pile and paint them.